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1.   Know your subject well and from a personal perspective.

2.  Use stories to relate to informational facts whenever


3.  Learn student names and observe their habits, styles,

     how they approach their work, etc. as soon as possible.

4. Make every student shine like a star at some point, finding

    something exceptional to complement them on.

    Everyone  learns from everyone else’s accomplishments

    when shared in an encouraging and enthusiastic way.

How to be a good teacher:

Ideas & Philosophy

5.  Have lessons and teaching materials well organized and present in a simplified manner.

6.  Always be prepared to offer extra information and/or projects for advanced students who are ready for more.

7.  Don’t be afraid to show your passion for your subject. Bring examples from several sources, quotes, articles, anything that helps communicate what you want

      to share about your subject.

8.  Let new ideas inspire new projects.

9.  Don’t just give information, give an experience.

10. Be flexible

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